What is Autocross?

Autocross is a driving skill contest that emphasizes the driver’s ability and the car’s handling characteristics.

All contestants drive over a specially designed track designated by traffic cones and markers in a large level ground.

While average speeds are no greater than those normally encountered in Legal Street driving, the combination of tight & twisty turns and variations in surface creates an adrenaline pumping experience.

Autocross tests the driver skill and vehicle handling rather than just speed. Usually there is a combination of lots of very fast corners, both left and right interspersed with very tight and slow corners. Straights are short & narrow adding to a very fast & intense experience.


Entry fees will be divided into 3 parts as follows:

PART 1:  Drivers Registration: INR 1,500
This one time fee is common across all groups, includes one event FMSCI Club sport Autocross license fee
PART 2 : (Qualifying)

Standard Entry Fees per entry:   ₹ 1,500/-
Late Entry Fee per entry:              ₹ 2,000/-
Very Late Fee per entry                 ₹ 3,000/-

Standard Entry Fees per entry:   ₹ 2,000/-
Late Entry Fee per entry:              ₹ 2,500/-
Very Late Fee per entry                 ₹ 3,500/-

PART 3 (Subsequent Races after qualification) for All:  ₹ 2,000/-

  a.     Team registration fee is INR 5,000/-
  b.     Team Entry fee would be INR 500/- per entry in addition to the qualifying fee.

A 10 % discount on the Qualifying Entry Fee would be available to all on the subsequent 2 entries (2nd & 3rd) & 20 % on the 4th Entry Fee. Subject to a maximum of 4 Entries per Class

In addition any one of the following discounts would be available:
a.     20 % on the Qualifying Fee for the first entry in Amateur Group for Students holding a valid Identity Card
b.     20 % on the Qualifying Fee for the first entry for First Time Motorsport participants. They should not have participated in ANY form of motorsport earlier.


Autocross 2015: Delhi

  • 17th December

    At the office of Northern Motorsport

    1000 hrs - 1700 hrs: Document Verification & Scrutiny of Standard Entries
    1700 hrs: Closing of Standard Entries
    1800 hrs: Publishing of Standard Entry List

  • 18th December

    At the Venue

    0800 hrs: Drivers Briefing & Track Walk 
    1000 hrs - 1700 hrs: Document Verification & Scrutiny
    0900 hrs - 1700 hrs: Qualifying Rounds 
    Up to 1700 hrs: Closing of Late Entries
     (subject to availability)

  • 19th December

    At the Venue

    0800 hrs - 1700 hrs: Document verification & Scrutiny of Late entries 
    0900 hrs - 1300 hrs: Qualifying Rounds
    1300 hrs: Publication of qualifying results
    1300 hrs - 1700 hrs: Quarter & Semi Rounds
    Up to 1700 hrs: Closing of Very Late Entries
     (subject to availability)

  • 20th December

    At the Venue

    0800 hrs - 1000 hrs: Quarter & Semi Rounds continued 
    1100 hrs Onwards: Final Rounds
    1600 hrs: Post event Scrutiny 
    1545 hrs: Posting of Provisional Results 
    1615 hrs: Publication of Official Final Classification 1630 hrs: Prize Distribution 

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